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Ravens Nest





I find myself in question at times into my blessings as to why I have been given such gifts. Several years ago I was diagnosed with emphysema {COPD}. I found myself in pity exhausted giving up. Here I was in Alaska hundreds of miles from my family in Arizona diagnosed with a devastating disease. Well when it got right down to it I had brought it on myself. After all wasnt it me who had smoked all those years and had blocked the gifts my Heavenly Father had given me at birth?

I was born with the gift of sight as a child I would know and see things constantly. I would wake my poor sister Donna who shared a room with me and tell of the spirit world and of things to come. I started as I matured to block my gifts and went through many stages of resistance and fear. But always knew that Parapsychic Science was my career I was drawn too. I had to investigate this gift more, what did they want from me? What was I to do with this sight?

Then it happened on an investigation to a cemetery in Fairbanks, Alaska. After much meditation, yoga and most importantly prayer of help from the Lord my life would change. Jim took a photograph of me in the cemetery. Well later on that day as I began to look through the photographs I came upon this photograph and there above me stood and Angel next to her was a spirit and above my head was a beam of light. Soon after this I began getting spirits in my photographs and my sight became ever so much clearer.

We soon got transferred to a different state and I went to the doctor to get my medications. Well after being sent to several others and specialists it was diagnosed my emphysema {COPD} was gone. I began to question why me? What am I to do? Still blocking and frightened my camera disappeared. I freaked out as when the spirits appeared I took their photographs and blocked them out. Well let me tell you when this happened they became much clearer to me. But my first reaction was to run and buy new cameras.

This did not help as the gifts could not be blocked anymore. As this had happened a huge peace came over me and a knowing that all was right and just as it should be finally hit home. My love for the Lord grew stronger and my knowing God does miracles everyday and should be shared came through. So this I do not hold to myself anymore and as many have asked me how I get photographs of the spirits happens. Do you use special cameras? The answer to this is no! I have taken them with 35mm, digitals and cheap-o-matics as I call them the ones you throw away when done.

The photographs are a gift as was my Angel that day all is as it should be! Praise given to Jesus my Heavenly Father and redeemer

Many Blessings the photograph attached is my Angel and me.



" Theresa F. Jodray holds her Masters in the Science of Parapsychic Science. She is a freelance photographer and writer whose uninhibited work inspires people in all walks of life, including other photographers and artists, several of whom have publicly praised her work. Many of Theresa's poems have been published. Her poetry is admired for its spiritual beauty and its truthful expression of the poet's love for the Creation in northern Alaska.
Theresa has written and has had published numerous articles on the paranormal as well as about actual Para psychic events, illustrated with her astonishing photos. She has also drawn on her personal experience with abuse and her care of the abused to write articles dealing with spousal, child, and animal abuse.